Our Students and Their Research

REU 2022

You may search for students by class year and keywords found in the student's name, university, project title or abstract. Our first class was in 1989.

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Project: Settlement of Mustard Hill Coral (Porites astreoides) on Carbon-Efficient Alternative Concretes
Project: Oyster Aquaculture and Nitrogen Cycling: Ecosystem Service Provider or Agent of Excess?
Project: Development and modification of materials and methods to construct benthic microbial fuel cells and electrochemical snorkels
Project: Understanding the Effects of Sea-level Rise in the Chesapeake Bay's Patuxent River: Sulfate Intrusion and Methane Flux
Project: Characterization of Pelagic Habitat Use by Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus) Overwintering Off the Coast of New Jersey
Project: Spatial and Temporal Variability of Sedimentation in Living Shorelines of the Maryland Chesapeake Bay
Project: eDNA Analysis to Track the Footprint of Oyster Aquaculture
Project: The Comparison of Acartia tonsa Lineages' Egg Hatching Rate and Morphological Differences in Females in the Chesapeake Bay
Project: Effects of the Chesapeake Bay Plume on Benthic Biodiversity and Biomass in the Shallow Coastal Zone
Project: Numerical Modeling and Field Observations of the Microplastic Buffering Capacity in Rural Wetlands
Project: Sediment Provides Nutrients for Benthic Cyanobacteria in a Submersed Aquatic Vegetation Bed Within The Chesapeake Bay - Implications for Nitrogen Fixation
Project: Modeling How Temperature and Ocean Acidification affect Hypoxia on Atlantic Croaker Populations
Project: Analysis of Microbial Abundance on Marine Snow in the Deep Ocean
Project: Redox Chemistry of Cerium and Tin in the Presence of Desferrioxamine B
Location: Virtual
Project: Constructing a Data-Driven Narrative Around Water Quality in Calvert County Tidal Creeks
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Project: Analysis and Categorization of Green Turtle, Chelonia mydas, Carapace using Deep Machine Learning
Location: Virtual
Project: Marine Heatwaves in the Chesapeake Bay Detected from Buoy Data
Location: Virtual
Project: Analysis on North Atlantic Oscillation Reconstruction Indices
Location: Virtual
Project: Integrating Oyster Castles into Living Shorelines to Promote Coastal Bay Resilience to Sea Level Rise
Location: Virtual
Project: Using Bioinformatics to Analyze the Patterns of Phytoplankton Communities Off the Coast of Maryland

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