Lorie Staver, Ph.D.



Horn Point Laboratory

Research Topics:

Research Interests:

My field of research is ecology, with a focus on restoration of subtidal (submersed aquatic vegetation) and intertidal (tidal marsh) plant communities.  The common denominator in my work has been the role of nutrients in the ecology of these habitats.  Of special interest is how to build resilience into restored coastal habitats, given that most of these sites are impacted to some degree by eutrophication and are also on the front lines of climate change and sea level rise.  I am currently collaborating with others on projects involving biogeochemistry, geomorphology, soil microbial community development and restoration genetics in small- (living shorelines) to large-scale (Poplar Island) tidal marsh restoration.  Through a combination of field data collection and modeling, we are seeking restoration and management approaches that enhance resilience to sea-level rise, habitat value and ecosystem services such as carbon and nutrient sequestration.

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