Post Graduate Fellowships


2021 State Fellows with President Goodwin and Mike Allen at Poplar Island

Maryland Sea Grant is dedicated to creating a diverse workforce that is educated in watershed, coastal, and marine science. We offer a number of post-graduate fellowship opportunities in research, natural resource management, and marine policy that allow recently graduated students to explore their interests and broaden their experience in marine science and policy. Our former fellows have advanced to careers in academia, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal government agencies.

Maryland Law and Policy Fellowship

Maryland Sea Grant (MDSG) and the Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI) are excited to invite applications for a one-year legal fellowship. The primary effort of the fellow is to provide legal research, writing, and educational assistance to ALEI and MDSG. We invite applicants who have a curiosity about coastal environmental issues and legal education around those issues. The work is not advocacy. Fellows conduct legal scholarship and provide education for government agencies, coastal industries, and coastal communities addressing coastal law and policy in Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay with an emphasis on reaching underserved populations. Project topics are likely to cover legal questions in environmental areas such as aquaculture, sea level rise impact and resilience, and stormwater management in Maryland. Applicants must have earned a JD or equivalent LLM for foreign-trained attorneys from an ABA Accredited school.

MDSG State Science Policy Fellowships

Maryland Sea Grant is excited to announce a new, year-long State Policy Fellowship program partnering with state agencies and University System of Maryland leadership. This unique opportunity will place fellows in coastal sustainability, coastal management, and environmental policy positions within Maryland. The Maryland Sea Grant State Science Policy fellows will work closely with stage agency and legislative leadership to provide science expertise to develop policy relevant to Maryland’s progressive program to address state challenges in sustainability and action to mitigate and adapt to climate change. It is an exciting opportunity for students interested in applying their research experience and critical thinking skills to advancing science-based, environmental decision-making and policy development in Maryland. Graduate students who have advanced to candidacy for a Ph.D. or completed a M.S., Ph.D. or J.D. by the spring semester 2022 are eligible to apply. For graduates, degrees must have been awarded May 1, 2020, or later to be eligible.

Science Management and Policy Intern

This one to two-year internship offers experience working with an environmentally focused university organization dedicated to research, education, and outreach. This position provides fundamental training for interns to transition to graduate school or the private, non-profit, or governmental sectors. As part of the internship, the intern is expected to complete two to three special projects, participate in several professional development trainings, and contribute to the administration of our main office. Interns must have a bachelor's degree in natural, social, or environmental science or policy.

Environmental Science Outreach Intern (Bilingual)

Maryland Sea Grant is seeking a bilingual, biliterate (i.e., fluency in Spanish-English speaking and writing) intern to help expand our capacity in community engagement, environmental literacy, and workshop development, particularly with Maryland’s Spanish-speaking communities. As part of the internship, the intern will be expected to complete 2-3 special projects, participate in several professional development trainings, and contribute to the administration of our main office. Interns must have an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in natural, social, or environmental science or policy.

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