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Maryland Sea Grant publishes blogs, Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, and other publications and videos. Learn about scientific research and science-based practices that can help preserve the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland's coastal environment.

Chesapeake Quarterly

Complicated Contaminants: Finding PFAS in the Chesapeake Bay

PFAS are found nearly everywhere, including in the Chesapeake Bay. What are these so-called “forever chemicals” and what do they mean for the people and wildlife that call the Bay watershed home?

Fellowship Experiences: A Students' Blog

Applying New Skills for National Science Collaboration

Hannah Cooper
The science management and policy internship at Maryland Sea Grant was the perfect opportunity to place myself exactly where I wanted to be: at the intersection of science and real-world application.

On the Bay: Chesapeake Quarterly's Blog

Beyond Fish: Aquaculture in Action Provides Students with Hands-on Science Education

Madeleine Jepsen
Through Aquaculture in Action, a program run by Maryland Sea Grant, high school students raise fish and learn about aquaculture as part of their science classes.

News Releases

March 12, 2024
Maryland Sea Grant is awarding more than $2 million in funding to research on water quality, algal blooms, community access to coastal spaces, living shorelines, and soft-shell clam aquaculture.
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Headwaters Newsletter

Volume 7, Issue 3

In this Issue:
  • Personal Care and Environmental Impacts
  • Bibliotherapy?
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Southern Maryland Community Becomes Model for Stormwater and Stewardship
  • Welcome Calvert County WSA!
  • Water Education Summit Goes Virtual, Exceeds Attendance Goals

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Sea Level Rise Report

cover, sea level rise report

Come High Water: Sea Level Rise and Chesapeake Bay

This special report offers a comprehensive look at the causes and consequences of increasing flooding along Maryland’s coasts. This package, produced by Maryland Sea Grant's magazine Chesapeake Quarterly in partnership with Bay Journal, examines the scientific understanding and projections of the rate of sea level rise in the Chesapeake region; effects on people and the environment; and adaptations and policy responses that are under way or under consideration.

Video Gallery

Forecasting Sea Level Rise for Maryland

In Maryland Sea Grant's video, scientists release new projections for future sea level rise for the Chesapeake Bay and for Maryland, Virginia, and nearby Mid-Atlantic coastal areas.

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

An essential resource for researchers, students, and managers.  Get your copy today!

pile of cooked crabs