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Mark (Theodore) Trice, University of Maryland, College Park

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210Pb Dating of Three Sediment Cores in mid-Chesapeake Bay


The geochronological dating tool, 210Pb dating, was used to determine average sedimentation rates in three mid-bay stations. The stations (M1, M2, M3) followed a lateral transect from 27537.5 x 42404.4, to 27530.0 x 42405.0, to 27523.9 x 42406.6 respectively. Average sedimentation rates were .161 g cm-2 yr-1 for station M1 and .27 g cm-2 yr-1 for station M2. No value was obtained for station M3 due to homogenous mixing of 210Pb throughout the sediment core. Mixing most likely resulted from anthropogenic disturbances or from a slumping of sediment into a depression. Mixing later depth was ~10 cm at stations M1 and M2. Mixing was a result of current action as well as some bioturbation.