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The Aquaculture in Action program houses the only online interactive database for the entry of research projects related to the use of aquaculture in K-12 science education. Currently there are 36 schools, representing 14 counties in Maryland, participating in the Program.

Research projects performed by students and teachers vary from individual to team efforts. The scope of projects range from fish nutrition and growth rate studies to plant rearing in integrated aquaponic systems.

Many classes have expanded their initial aquaculture system (from their original 250 gallon system) to include additional systems to conduct replicate studies or to perform other aquaculture related research projects.

Use the guide below to view some of the projects and data from the Aquaculture in Action network. The fish will take you step-by-step to find the project you want to view. You can view projects by species or by school.



Aquaculture in Action - Tools for Teaching Science

Aquaculture in Action is an educational program for K-12 science teachers developed by Maryland Sea Grant and University of Maryland Extension. For more information about this program, please contact:

Chris Flight
Professional Development and Aquaculture Education Coordinator
J. Adam Frederick
Assistant Director for Education

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