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Laura Perry, Swarthmore College

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Effects of Tank Size on the Survival, Growth, and Production of Larval Gobiosoma bosc


Larval Gobiosoma bosc were stocked at densities of 4/l in 1, 2, 10, 50, 100 and 150 l tanks and reared for 20 d to determine effects of tank size on their survival, growth, and production. Survival, growth and production were dramatically affected by tank size. Tank size effects were most pronounced when comparing larvae reared in ≤ 10 and ≥ 50 l tanks. The instantaneous mortality coefficient was 10 times lower in the 50 l tank than in the 10 l tank. The instantaneous growth coefficient was 1.5 times greater in the 50 l tank than in the 10 l tank. Gross production was more than 7.5 times higher and net production was more than 11 times higher in the 50 l tank than in the 10 l tank. Tank size had no apparent effect on production of dynamics of larval Gobiosoma bosc in tank sizes <50 l. Scaling relationships were developed to predict survival, growth, and production as a function of tank size and to project probable results in larger tanks or ecosystems. Tank size effects on larvae reared in tank sizes between 10 and 50 l and > 150 l still must be determined, and this research needs to be replicated to evaluate the accuracy of the models developed.