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Candy Morrell, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore

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A Study of Predation Rates of Sea Nettles on Ctenophores


Despite the continuous nuisance of the sea nettle in the Chesapeake Bay, little research on this species has been undertaken, hence this study of predation rates of Chrysaora quinquecirrha on the ctenophore, Mnemiopsis leidyi. Three types of experiments were utilized for this study. These varied by a density factor and experimental time periods, approximately 3-6 ctenophores per 20 liter tank for varying periods of time, 10 ctenophores per 1000 liter tank for 18 hours and 5 ctenophores per 1000 liter tank for 24 hours, respectively, in each case employing 1 sea nettle for each experimental tank. Although the project requires more data in order to be thoroughly analyzed, our results to date indicate that density plays an important role in predation rates.