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Heron and hawk along the shore of the Chesapeake Bay


Who Runs the (Hatchery) World? Increasingly, women are behind the microscope and in charge of the tanks

Rona Kobell •

There used to be a photo hanging at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Horn Point Oyster Hatchery. The image shows four women who worked in the hatchery in the 2000s standing in front of a large truck emblazoned with the words: Powered by Estrogen.


Sentinels in the Sky: Observing rising waters from a birds-eye view

Taryn Sudol •

Some call it high tide flooding, others refer to it as sunny day flooding, while still others call it “king tide.” But no matter the name, we’ve seen the impacts of rising waters, which led to a recent flight where scientists and a journalist took to the air to document the water on the ground for the Read more...

Battling Hydrilla: Maryland’s complicated relationship with an invasive species

Rona Kobell •

When we think of invasive species, we think of exotic invaders that have found their way to our shores and disrupted our ecosystems in short order. Zebra mussels in the Great Lakes fouling discharge pipes. Nutria in the Chesapeake Bay munching their way through protective marshes. The European green crab eating its way up the food web on the Maine coast. Read more...

Paradise Unpaved: Adkins Arboretum’s Parking Lot Becomes an Extension of its Gardens

Rona Kobell •

For about a decade, Ginna Tiernan would look out over the parking lot at Adkins Arboretum and think about what could be.


Aquaculture’s Blue Revolution Runs Through the Land

Rona Kobell •

For Yonathan Zohar, the path to a blue revolution is not only near the sea. It’s in northern Wisconsin, where Superior Fresh and researchers with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point raise salmon in a land-based, snow-covered greenhouse far from the ocean. Read more...

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs