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On the Bay

On the Hard: Prepping a Crab Boat

Michael W. Fincham • July 19, 2017
It happens every year for every crab boat: the haul out, the scraping and sanding, the painting and cleaning. For all that work, a crab boat has to go “on the hard” for a couple weeks. Especially if the boat is wood, and the captain is Roger Morris.  Read more . . .

Prepping for Potting, Praying for Crabs

Michael W. Fincham • July 5, 2017
Before a waterman can plunk his crab pots along the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, he’s got to paint them. A lot of watermen use red anti-fouling paint on their pots, but Roger Morris down in Church Creek, Maryland thinks yellow pots catch more crabs down around the southern end of Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Read more . . .
Robert de Gast's Chesapeake

A Photographer Eyes the Bay

Michael W. Fincham • June 20, 2017
The man who taught me the most about photography never told me anything about cameras or lenses or film types. His name was Robert de Gast, and years ago he showed me how to see the Chesapeake Bay through a camera lens.  Read more . . .
photo of Eric Buehl and Rich Covert

Meet the Extension Specialists: Eric Buehl, Watershed Restoration

Daniel Pendick • March 9, 2017
Eric Buehl knows all the breakfast specials at D & R’s Restaurant in Greensboro. As much an indoor town hall as a diner, the restaurant has hosted many a morning meeting between Buehl and Rich Covert, president of the Greensboro Volunteer Fire Company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Read more . . .
cover of Chesapeake Quarterly magazine, Volume 15 Issue 1

Chesapeake Quarterly’s Readers Speak: What Our Survey Found

Jeffrey Brainard • February 3, 2017
Some of you like Chesapeake Quarterly, Maryland Sea Grant's magazine, just the way it is. Others would like more graphics and photos. Here are highlights from our recent survey of the magazine's subscribers.  Read more . . .