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Marylanders Know That Most Climate Scientists Agree About Climate Change

Jeffrey Brainard • November 2, 2015
Nearly half of Marylanders know that a strong consensus exists among climate scientists that the climate is changing, a new survey says — a finding with implications for public policy. Among the possible harmful effects of climate change in Maryland, many survey respondents cited effects on the Chesapeake Bay.  Read more . . .
man walking a bicyle through flooded Baltimore street

If Hurricane Joaquin Comes to the Chesapeake

Michael W. Fincham • October 2, 2015
What kind of storm surge could head up the Chesapeake Bay this weekend if Hurricane Joaquin reaches the Mid-Atlantic?   Read more . . .
photo of remote setting tank and training program

Oyster Farmers Get a Leg Up in the Business

Daniel Strain • September 17, 2015
A Maryland Sea Grant Extension program trains shellfish growers to produce oyster seed through a method called remote setting.  Read more . . .
photo of crab grown in acidified water

Will Ocean Acidification Create “Super Crabs” in Bay? Maybe Not

Daniel Strain • August 18, 2015
Sorry to disappoint comic-book fans, but don’t expect to see any crabs with super powers swimming around the Chesapeake Bay — despite the Washington Post's prediction that "it is the dawn of the super crab." Ongoing acidification of the Bay's water could bring both benefits and problems for the Bay's iconic crustaceans.

   Read more . . .
photo of abandoned boat on Deal Island

Finding Common Ground on Deal Island

Daniel Strain • July 31, 2015
Scientists and residents of a small community try a new way of discussing sea level rise.  Read more . . .