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Finding the Positive in Rejection

Emily Russ • May 1, 2018

​Nearly two and a half years after starting my PhD research at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, I was finally ready to submit my first-author manuscript to a scientific journal.


How to Check that Last Box and Write Your Dissertation

Elizabeth R. Van Dolah • January 19, 2018

After six years of anthropology courses, exams, proposal writing, and research, I’ve finally reached the last big hurdle of my Ph.D. career: writing the dissertation.


From the Water to Washington: Connecting Experiences in DC and Coastal Communities

Gray Redding ​ • December 13, 2017

In graduate school, I found it easy to find the impact and context of my fisheries research.  The data I was generating about Atlantic mackerel migration patterns were called for by managers and scientists looking to better understand the decline of the fishery.  While, studying at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory on the lower Patuxent River in Solomons, Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay was rig


Turtles, Teaching, and Tales, Oh My! An Afternoon Volunteering at the Smithsonian

Aimee Hoover • December 6, 2017

The skies had opened and dumped a record-setting downpour in Washington, D.C. Wouldn’t you know that I was scheduled that day to participate as a volunteer scientist in an event called “Expert Is In” at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.


My Nontraditional Path to Science Started Outdoors

Joel Bostic • November 15, 2017

I was never very interested in science. Outdoor activities like surfing and kayaking, sports, music – these activities captivated me as an adolescent and into early adulthood. School, and especially science, did little to hold my attention. My teachers told my parents, “Such great potential, if only he would fulfill it.”


The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs

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