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research fellow, SAV study. Photo, Debbie Hinkle

Photo, Debbie Hinkle

Applying New Skills for National Science Collaboration

Hannah Cooper •
The science management and policy internship at Maryland Sea Grant was the perfect opportunity to place myself exactly where I wanted to be: at the intersection of science and real-world application.  Read more...

A Place for Creativity in Science Writing

Grace O'Hara •
My lab mates and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts so widely used across the field of ecology today. What we uncovered in the book was unexpected: not just the roots of ecology, but the trove of wonderful descriptions that jump-started the scientific field of ecology.  Read more...

Sediment Coring 101

Erika Koontz •
Sediment cores are time capsules of information. Coring is a powerful tool that is commonly used in environmental science and geology.   Read more...

Solving the Mystery of the Susquehanna Schmutz

Shayna Keller •
When conducting science experiments, new mysteries tend to appear, and we now have a new mystery on our hands.  Read more...

Experimentando la metamorfosis de estudiante a científico profesional

Mairim M. Villafañe-Vicente •

¡Hola lectores! Soy Mairim M. Villafañe-Vicente de Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Soy parte de SEAS Islands Alliance (SEAS), un programa dirigido a estudiantes que se enfocan en geociencias financiado por Maryland Sea Grant (MDSG) y National Science Foundation (NSF) que incluye las islas de Puerto Rico, Guam e Islas Vírgenes de EE. UU.  Read more...

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

An essential resource for researchers, students, and managers.  Get your copy today!

pile of cooked crabs