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Sharing Science Stories: Tips to communicate better and draw a larger audience

Suzi Webster • August 30, 2021

My colleagues at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) do important work and it is my job to make sure that others know about it. When I started my Knauss fellowship in NOAA’s Technology Partnerships Office, I was excited to be the first person in my office to focus on outreach and communications.


OsHV-1: What is it and why do we care?

Mariah Kachmar • August 20, 2021

Lately, we’ve all been thinking a lot about viruses because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we’re not the only species grappling with viral diseases. 


The Coastal Farming Challenges Workshops: Gaining an understanding of landowner perceptions through notetaking

Salome Chitubila • August 18, 2021

When I was asked to join the team of notetakers during the Coastal Farming Challenges workshops hosted by Maryland Sea Grant, I definitely knew my time to learn through interaction with landowners, agricultural extension specialists, and climate change experts had come. It was a big “yes!” from me. 


Building Understanding: Using digital storytelling to connect people to their environment

Yazan Hasan • July 20, 2021

One of my firmest beliefs is that everyone deserves access to green spaces and the opportunity to learn more about their environments, and I want to help as much as I can in making that a reality in the places where it isn’t. 


Salty Streams: How clearing snow can hurt the Chesapeake

Carly Maas • May 12, 2021

In the winter, we can see salt on the roads after a light snow. But where does that salt go when spring has come and the roads are clear?


The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs

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