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Edward Galbavy, Tufts University

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Development and Implementation of a Precise Mobile Device Measuring Atmospheric Ammonia and Ammonium Aerosols Throughout Southeast Maryland


During the course of two months, a device was created and field-tested which continually samples atmospheric air for concentrations of ammonia and ammonium. Though still being refined, this sensor reliably measured nitrogen species during a variety of conditions: urban to rural settings, calm days to thunderstorms, dangerously high levels of ammonia/ammonium to next to nothing, and even while offshore in the Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore's Back River. Continual testing ranged in time from several hours to just under a week. All field-testing was carried out within the confines of the state of Maryland because it provided no death of infrastructural settings. Within the next several months this real-time sensor will be used as the primary data collection tool in a major study to model the fate and transport of ammonia/ammonium as a result of the changing agricultural trends on Maryland's eastern shore.