Marie Bundy Ph.D.



Chesapeake Biological Laboratory

Research Topics:

Research Interests:

My research career has focused on experimental studies that examine the roles of physiology, functional morphology, and behavior in structuring behavioral and trophic interactions in marine and freshwater planktonic communities. I combined ecological theory with information about zooplankton behavior, coupled this information with numerical models of the small-scale fluid dynamics, and then empirically investigated how the animal functioned in its environment. Moving from blue-water systems, I have worked in both the Great Lakes and coastal and estuarine systems, where I examined the roles of physical forcing factors and environmental stressors in structuring food webs. This multifaceted research background, along with my degrees in Biological Oceanography and Ecology, has provided me with a broad understanding of marine, freshwater, and estuarine systems.

Student Presentations:

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