Lesson Plan Standards

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Students will be evaluated throughout the lesson with informal question and answer sessions. Students will complete a lab report that accompanies the "Is Hematodinium the culprit?" lab and will use a rubric to complete an informational brochure or commercial. Students will then implement a management technique and journal their experiences and its effectiveness.


Students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of importance of the blue crab to the health of the Chesapeake Bay and the dangers of the parasite Hematodinium spp. by writing a formal lab report, creating an information brochure to increase public awareness, and implementing a blue crab population and/or Hematodinium prevalence management technique.

Lesson Materials

  1. Brochure Rubric


  1. Students will write a formal lab report to answer the question "Is Hematodinium the culprit?" that includes purpose of the lab, amendments to the materials list and procedure, picture of gel (if available), data analysis and conclusions.
  2. Students will follow the rubric for the "Why save the blue crab?" informational brochure/commercial.
    1. Students can implement one of the management techniques identified in their brochures/commercials and journal their experiences and evaluate the technique's effectiveness.

Maryland State Standards

The student will recognize that real problems have more than one solution and decisions to accept one solution over another are made on the basis of many issues.  
The student will demonstrate the ability to summarize data (measurements/observations).
The student will explain scientific concepts and processes through drawing, writing, and/or oral communication.
The student will communicate conclusions derived through a synthesis of ideas.
The student will describe current efforts and technologies used to study the atmosphere, land, and oceans of Earth.
Interpret the findings to draw conclusions and make recommendations to help resolve the issue.
Apply the conclusions to develop and implement an action project. Methods of implementation may include physical action persuasion consumer action political action.
Analyze the effectiveness of the action project in terms of achieving the desired outcomes. 

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs