What have you learned about wetlands?


Lesson Plan Standards:

1.1.2 1.5.2


The Evaluation phase will be used to determine what additional information about wetlands—especially related to tides, elevation, and plant communities—the students have learned throughout the lesson. Most of the Evaluation is accomplished by assessing the activities completed by the students during the other phases of the lesson. However, the Evaluation also includes revisiting the discussion questions presented early in the lesson and giving the students an opportunity to modify or change their responses.


The students understanding of the concepts and topics explored during the lesson will be assessed.


1.  All activities completed by the students throughout the lesson (topographic profiles, explanation paragraphs, tidal graphs and questions, Venn diagrams) will be assessed using a rubric to determine the students' understanding and to assign grades.
2.  As an additional part of the evaluation, display the students’ answers to the discussion questions presented during the Engagement phase.
3.  Allow the students to again discuss the questions in their small groups and modify or change any answers with which they no longer agree.

Maryland State Standards:

The student will modify or affirm scientific ideas according to accumulated evidence.
The student will explain scientific concepts and processes through drawing, writing, and/or oral communication.

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