Funding Opportunities


Below are current research-funding opportunities from Maryland Sea Grant for principal investigators. Expired opportunities are included for reference.

Graduate fellowships: Look here if you are a graduate student seeking information on fellowships.  Principal investigators seeking to fund graduate fellows on their research projects can obtain information in our funding application materials about how to do so.

Current Funding Opportunities

National Sea Grant Office Marine Debris Funding Opportunities

Marine Debris Challenge Competition: Approximately $16,000,000 in federal funds will be available to support innovative, transformational research to application projects that will address the prevention and/or removal of marine debris. Several (5-12) projects of up to three years duration in the $1-3M range may be funded. Read formal announcement on Inside Sea Grant.

Marine Debris Community Action Coalitions: Approximately $3,000,000 in federal funds will be available to individual Sea Grant programs in order to support approximately 10-15 Marine Debris Community Action Coalitions. Read the formal announcement on Inside Sea Grant

Sea Grant partnership and engagement is required for both opportunities. Note that only Sea Grant programs are eligible to submit to these competitions. However, the following entities are encouraged to participate in this funding opportunity with a Sea Grant Program: any individual; any public or private corporation, partnership, or other association or entity; or any State, political subdivision of a State, Tribal government or agency or officer thereof.

Important Dates: Anyone interested should complete this survey and reach out to Maryland Sea Grant no later than July 18, 2022 to co-develop a letter of intent. Maryland Sea Grant will use this information to help build partnerships based on interest. A meeting of potential interested parties will occur on July 20 at 4 PM, and all who complete the survey will be invited. We must submit letters of intent to NSGO by early August. Full application materials due to in September. Projects start January 1, 2023.

Start-up Funding / Program Development Awards

Maryland Sea Grant (MDSG) focuses on supporting translational watershed, coastal, and marine science that can inform broad audiences in the Chesapeake Bay region and Maryland's coastal areas. MDSG has the ability to support small, targeted grants that come under the general category of Program Development awards. These awards are given to help support important start-up efforts or to offer strategic support to emerging areas of importance. Program Development funds are designed to stimulate and foster small-scale innovative projects that will eventually lead to submissions for larger grants from a variety of sources. Also, these funds may be used to support workshops and educational opportunities that connect marine and coastal science to diverse audiences. 

Other Funding Opportunities from Our Partners

National Sea Grant Office

Sea Grant is the primary university-based program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that supports coastal resource use and conservation. Its research and outreach programs promote better understanding, conservation, and use of America’s coastal resources. In short, Sea Grant is “science serving America’s coasts.”

Federal Government Grants is the source to find and apply for federal grants. In particular, federal funding opportunities for all grants and fellowships supported by the National Sea Grant College Program can be found through the searchable database at

Expired Funding Opportunities

These past funding opportunities, now closed, resulted in numerous research projects funded by Maryland Sea Grant. We offer these descriptions as a reference about our funding interests, cycles, and history.

2022-2023 Omnibus Research Competition

Marine Finfish Aquaculture: Juvenile Production Technologies - 2022

Early Stage Propagation Strategies for Aquaculture Species - 2022

2020 National Aquaculture Initiative: Addressing Economic and Market Needs of the U.S. Aquaculture Industry

2020-2021 Maryland Sea Grant Omnibus Research Competition

Translating Coastal Research into Application 2022 Competition


Search our database of projects funded through these solicitations.

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