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Maryland Sea Grant has funded scientific research relevant to the Chesapeake Bay and the Maryland residents who conserve, enjoy, and make their living from it. The funded projects advance scientific knowledge through the publication of peer-reviewed journal articles. You may search these publications by keyword and year of publication. Publications prior to 2003 can be accessed through the National Sea Grant Library.

Mozdzer, TJ; Langley, JA; Mueller, P; Megonigal, JP Deep rooting and global change facilitate spread of invasive grass.  Biological Invasions 189 2619263110.1007/s10530-016-1156-8. UM-SG-RS-2016-17.

Gurbisz, C; Kemp, WM; Sanford, LP; Orth, RJ Mechanisms of Storm-Related Loss and Resilience in a Large Submersed Plant Bed.  Estuaries and Coasts 394 95196610.1007/s12237-016-0074-4. UM-SG-RS-2016-16.

Flowers, EM; Simmonds, K; Messick, GA; Sullivan, L; Schott, EJ PCR-based prevalence of a fatal reovirus of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun) along the northern Atlantic coast of the USA.  Journal of Fish Diseases 396 70571410.1111/jfd.12403. UM-SG-RS-2016-15.

Fowler, AE; Blakeslee, AMH; Canning-Clode, J; Repetto, MF, Phillip, AM; Carlton, JT; Moser, FC; Ruiz, GM; Miller, AW Opening Pandora's bait box: a potent vector for biological invasions of live marine species.  Diversity and Distributions 221 304210.1111/ddi.12376. UM-SG-RS-2016-02.

Zhang, Q; Hirsch, RM; Ball, WP Long-Term Changes in Sediment and Nutrient Delivery from Conowingo Dam to Chesapeake Bay: Effects of Reservoir Sedimentation.  Environmental Science & Technology 504 1877188610.1021/acs.est.5b04073. UM-SG-RS-2016-13.

Zhang, Q; Ball, WP; Moyer, DL Decadal-scale export of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment from the Susquehanna River basin, USA: Analysis and synthesis of temporal and spatial patterns.  Science of the Total Environment 563 1016102910.1016/j.scitotenv.2016.03.104. UM-SG-RS-2016-12.

Song, XP; Sexton, JO; Huang, CQ; Channan, S; Townshend, JR Characterizing the magnitude, timing and duration of urban growth from time series of Landsat-based estimates of impervious cover  Remote Sensing of Environment 175 11310.1016/j.rse.2015.12.027. UM-SG-RS-2016-31.

Williams, M; Wessel, B; Filoso, S Sources of iron (Fe) and factors regulating the development of flocculate from Fe-oxidizing bacteria in regenerative streamwater conveyance structures.  Ecological Engineering 95 72373710.1016/j.ecoleng.2016.06.120. UM-SG-RS-2016-11.

Mueller, P; Jensen, K; Megonigal, JP Plants mediate soil organic matter decomposition in response to sea level rise.  Global Change Biology 221 40441410.1111/gcb.13082. UM-SG-RS-2016-08.

Duan, S; Newcomer-Johnson, T; Mayer, P; Kaushal, S Phosphorus retention in stormwater control structures across streamflow in urban and suburban watersheds.  Water 89 11710.3390/w8090390. UM-SG-RS-2016-14.

Crooks, JA; Chang, AL; Ruiz, GM Decoupling the response of an estuarine shrimp to architectural components of habitat structure.  PeerJ 4 11710.7717/peerj.2244. UM-SG-RS-2016-06.

Biermann, JL; North, EW; Boicourt, WC The distribution of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) megalopae at the mouths of Chesapeake and Delaware Bays: implications for larval ingress.  Estuaries and Coasts 39 20121710.1007/s12237-015-9978-7. UM-SG-RS-2016-01.

Pennino, MJ; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Utz, RM; Cooper, CA Stream restoration and sewers impact sources and fluxes of water, carbon, and nutrients in urban watersheds.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 208 3419343910.5194/hess-20-3419-2016. UM-SG-RS-2016-05.

Schaeffer, ED; Testa, JM; Gel, YR; Lyubchich, V On Information Criteria for Dynamic Spatio-temporal Clustering  Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics: CI 2016 5810.5065/D6K072N6 . UM-SG-RS-2016-32.

Renkenberger, J; Montas, H; Leisnham, PT; Chanse, V; Shirmohammadi, A; Sadeghi, A; Brubaker, K; Rockler, A; Hutson, T; Lansing, D Climate Change Impact on Critical Source Area Identification in a Maryland Watershed  Transactions of the ASABE 596 1803181910.13031/trans.59.11677. UM-SG-RS-2016-33.

Huang, P An inverse demand system for the differentiated blue crab market in Chesapeake Bay.  Marine Resources Economics 302 13915610.1086/679971. UM-SG-RS-2015-04.

Schijf, J; Christenson, EA; Potter, KJ Different binding modes of Cu and Pb vs. Cd, Ni, and Zn with the trihydroxamate siderophore desferrioxamine B at seawater ionic strength.  Marine Chemistry 173 405110.1016/j.marchem.2015.02.014. UM-SG-RS-2015-03.

Testa, JM; Brady, DC; Cornwell, JC; Owens, MS; Sanford, LP; Newell, CR; Suttles, SE; Newell; RIE Modeling the impact of floating oyster (Crassostrea virginica) aquaculture on sediment-water nutrient and oxygen fluxes.  Aquaculture Environment Interactions 73 20522210.3354/aei00151. UM-SG-RS-2015-11.

Rogers, HA; Taylor, SS; Hawke, JP; Schott, EJ; Lively, JAA Disease, parasite, and commensal prevalences for blue crab Callinectes sapidus at shedding facilities in Louisiana, USA.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 1123 20721710.3354/dao02803. UM-SG-RS-2015-02.

Genello, L; Fry, JP; Frederick, JA; Li, X; Love, DC Fish in the classroom: a survey of the use of aquaponics in education.  European Journal of Health & Biology Education 42 92010.12973/ejhbe.2015.213p. UM-SG-RS-2015-13.

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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