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Maryland Sea Grant has funded scientific research relevant to the Chesapeake Bay and the Maryland residents who conserve, enjoy, and make their living from it. The funded projects advance scientific knowledge through the publication of peer-reviewed journal articles. You may search these publications by keyword and year of publication. Publications prior to 2003 can be accessed through the National Sea Grant Library.

Bernal, B; Megonigal, JP; Mozdzer, TJ An invasive wetland grass primes deep soil carbon pools.  Global Change Biology 235 2104211610.1111/gcb.13539. UM-SG-RS-2017-08.

Zhao, Z; Gonsior, M; Luek, J; Timko, S; Ianiri, H; Hertkorn, N; Schmitt-Kopplin, P; Fang, XT; Zeng, QL; Jiao, NZ; Chen, F Picocyanobacteria and deep-ocean fluorescent dissolved organic matter share similar optical properties  Nature Communications 8 11010.1038/ncomms15284. UM-SG-RS-2017-11.

Gurbisz, C; Kemp, WM; Cornwell, JC; Sanford, LP; Owens, MS; Hinkle, DC Interactive effects of physical and biogeochemical feedback processes in a large submersed plant bed.  Estuaries and Coasts 406 1626164110.1007/s12237-017-0249-7. UM-SG-RS-2017-02.

Millette, NC; Pierson, JJ; Aceves, A; Stoecker, DK Mixotrophy in Heterocapsa rotundata: A mechanism for dominating the winter phytoplankton  Limnology and Oceanography 622 83684510.1002/lno.10470. UM-SG-RS-2017-12.

Williams, M; Wessel, B; Filoso, S Sources of iron (Fe) and factors regulating the development of flocculate from Fe-oxidizing bacteria in regenerative streamwater conveyance structures.  Ecological Engineering 95 72373710.1016/j.ecoleng.2016.06.120. UM-SG-RS-2016-11.

Mueller, P; Jensen, K; Megonigal, JP Plants mediate soil organic matter decomposition in response to sea level rise.  Global Change Biology 221 40441410.1111/gcb.13082. UM-SG-RS-2016-08.

Duan, S; Newcomer-Johnson, T; Mayer, P; Kaushal, S Phosphorus retention in stormwater control structures across streamflow in urban and suburban watersheds.  Water 89 11710.3390/w8090390. UM-SG-RS-2016-14.

Crooks, JA; Chang, AL; Ruiz, GM Decoupling the response of an estuarine shrimp to architectural components of habitat structure.  PeerJ 4 11710.7717/peerj.2244. UM-SG-RS-2016-06.

Biermann, JL; North, EW; Boicourt, WC The distribution of blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) megalopae at the mouths of Chesapeake and Delaware Bays: implications for larval ingress.  Estuaries and Coasts 39 20121710.1007/s12237-015-9978-7. UM-SG-RS-2016-01.

Pennino, MJ; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Utz, RM; Cooper, CA Stream restoration and sewers impact sources and fluxes of water, carbon, and nutrients in urban watersheds.  Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 208 3419343910.5194/hess-20-3419-2016. UM-SG-RS-2016-05.

Schaeffer, ED; Testa, JM; Gel, YR; Lyubchich, V On Information Criteria for Dynamic Spatio-temporal Clustering  Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics: CI 2016 5810.5065/D6K072N6 . UM-SG-RS-2016-32.

Renkenberger, J; Montas, H; Leisnham, PT; Chanse, V; Shirmohammadi, A; Sadeghi, A; Brubaker, K; Rockler, A; Hutson, T; Lansing, D Climate Change Impact on Critical Source Area Identification in a Maryland Watershed  Transactions of the ASABE 596 1803181910.13031/trans.59.11677. UM-SG-RS-2016-33.

Blakeslee, A; Fowler, A; Couture, J; Grosholz, E; Ruiz, G; Miller, AW Vector management reduces marine organisms transferred with live saltwater bait  Management of Biological Invasions 74 38939810.3391/mbi.2016.7.4.08. UM-SG-RS-2016-25.

Malek, J; Breitburg, D. Effects of air-exposure gradients on spatial infection patterns of Perkinsus marinus in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica.  Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 1182 13915110.3354/dao02964. UM-SG-RS-2016-04.

Testa, JM; Kemp, WM; Harris, LA; Woodland, RJ; Boynton, WR Challenges and directions for the advancement of estuarine ecosystem science.  Ecosystems 201 142210.1007/s10021-016-0004-0. UM-SG-RS-2016-23.

Steppe, CN; Fredriksson, DW; Wallendorf, L; Nikolov, M; Mayer, R Direct setting of Crassostrea virginica larvae in a tidal tributary: applications for shellfish restoration and aquaculture.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 546 9711210.3354/meps11604. UM-SG-RS-2016-10.

Zhang, Q; Harman, CJ; Ball, WP An improved method for interpretation of riverine concentration-discharge relationships indicates long-term shifts in reservoir sediment trapping.  Geophysical Research Letters 4319 102151022410.1002/2016GL069945. UM-SG-RS-2016-22.

Schijf, J; Burns, S Determination of the Side-Reaction Coefficient of Desferrioxamine B in Trace-Metal-Free Seawater.  Frontiers in Marine Science 3117 11510.3389/fmars.2016.00117. UM-SG-RS-2016-09.

Flowers, EM; Bachvaroff, TR; Warg, JV; Neill, JD; Killian, ML; Vinagre, AS; Brown, S; Almeida, A; Schott, EJ Genome sequence analysis of CsRV1: A pathogenic reovirus that infects the blue crab Callinectes sapidus across its trans-hemispheric range.  Frontiers in Microbiology 7126 1910.3389/fmicb.2016.00126. UM-SG-RS-2016-21.

Fredriksson, DW; Steppe, CN; Luznik, L; Wallendorf, L; Mayer, RH Design approach for a containment barrier system for in-situ setting of Crassostrea virginica for aquaculture and restoration applications.  Aquacultural Engineering 70 425510.1016/j.aquaeng.2015.12.003. UM-SG-RS-2016-07.

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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