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The Blue Crab: Callinectes sapidus

Kennedy, Victor S. and L. Eugene Cronin, editors 2007. UM-SG-TS-2007-01 800 pp.


Underwater Grasses in Chesapeake Bay & Mid-Atlantic Coastal Waters: Guide to Identifying Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

Bergstrom, Peter W., Robert F. Murphy, Michael D. Naylor, Ryan C. Davis, and Justin T. Reel 2006. UM-SG-PI-2006-01 80 pp.


Water Wise: Safety for the Recreational Boater

Dzugan, Jerry and Susan Clark Jensen 1999. UM-SG-PI-99-02 196 pp.


Working the Chesapeake: Watermen on the Bay

Jacoby, Mark E. with illustrations by Neil Harpe 1991. UM-SG-BK-91-01 156 pp.


The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

An essential resource for researchers, students, and managers.  Get your copy today!

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