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Keeping Score: Releasing Fish for Tomorrow. (DVD)

Fincham, Michael, writer/producer. 2008. UM-SG-DV-2008-02. Runtime: 00:20 (hours:minutes)


Fishing for a Future: An Ethic for Ocean Anglers (DVD)

Fincham, Michael, writer/producer. 2008. UM-SG-DV-2008-01. Runtime: 00:30 (hours:minutes)


Exotics in the Chesapeake--Alien Estuary

Michael W. Fincham producer/director; Jack Greer and Dan Terlizzi, executive producers. 2008. UM-SG-DV-2008-03. Runtime:


Watershed for the Chesapeake: A Chronicle of the Campaign to Restore America's Richest Estuary (DVD)

Fincham, Michael, writer/producer. 2007. UM-SG-DV-2007-03. Runtime: 00:58 (hours:minutes)


The Pfiesteria Files (DVD)

Fincham, Michael W. and Maryland Public Television, co-producers. 2007. UM-SG-DV-2007-01. Runtime: 00:59 (hours:minutes)


Chesapeake: The Twilight Estuary (DVD)

Fincham, Michael, writer/producer. 2007. UM-SG-DV-2007-02. Runtime: 00:39 (hours:minutes)


Chesapeake Past, Chesapeake Future (DVD)

Lloyd, Robin, Producer; Coordinating Producer, Susan Jacobson; Executive Producer, Michael English. 2007. UM-SG-DP-2007-01. Runtime: 00:27 (hours:minutes)


Alien Ocean: The Threat of Ecological Invasions (DVD)

Fincham, Michael W., producer/director and Jack Greer, producer. 2005. UM-SG-DV-2005-01. Runtime: 00:30 (hours:minutes)


The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs