Current Post Graduate Fellows


Maryland Law and Policy Fellowship

Woman with black hair in ponytail standing in front of mountain view, wearing grey and blue long-sleeve shirt.

Fellowship at:

Agriculture Law Education Initiative and Maryland Sea Grant College

Cool Facts:

As an islander who grew up in Taiwan, her love for the land, coast, and ocean is the driving force behind her research and career path. She enjoys working in an interdisciplinary arena where law and science can complement each other in policy-making processes. Her recent research has been published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

State Science Policy Fellowship

Headshot of a woman with long, dark brown hair and a purple shirt in front of a brown background.

Fellowship at:

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Cool Facts:

Kayle’s research interests are broad but focus on ecological systems response to anthropogenic stressors. Her spare time is spent keeping up with her family, reading and exploring the east coast.
Headshot of a woman with long, wavy brown hair smiling and wearing a grey and white vertically striped, collared shirt.

Fellowship at:

Maryland Department of the Environment

Cool Facts:

Aubrey is deeply interested in applied, community-focused science that bridges the gap between natural science understanding and social applications of knowledge. She is also interested in combining natural and social science methods to measure environmental management impacts. In her free time, Aubrey enjoys rock climbing, hiking, cooking and baking, reading, theater, and spoiling her adorable cat.

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