Maryland Marine Notes (archive)


Maryland Marine Notes was a print newsletter produced from 1982 to 2001 by the communications staff of Maryland Sea Grant. We began publishing issues online as well in 1994; in addition, we scanned and put online three earlier issues that were of special interest. We suspended publication of the newsletter after 2001 when we began publishing our magazine, Chesapeake Quarterly.

You may browse the archive below of the table of contents for each issue. To read anything listed, click on the title and download a pdf of the entire issue. You may also search our website for specific topics.

November–December 2001

Volume 19, Number 6
What's Next for Fish Farmers? Gauging the Future of a Fledgling Industry
Science of Closed Systems
Aquaculture in the Classroom
For More Information: Aquaculture Web Sites
Knauss Fellowships Available
Other News of Note

July–October 2001

Volume 19, Numbers 4–5
Bridging the Gap: Watermen and Scientists on Crabs
The Crab Harvest in Maryland
More About Crabs
Maryland Sea Grant: New Faces
UMES Receives Award for Living Marine Cooperative Science Center

MayJune 2001

Volume 19, Number 3
American Eel: Biology, Mystery, Management
More About Eels
The Mysterious Seaweed Sea
Managing Exotics in the Chesapeake
Students Participate in Summer Fellowship Program

MarchApril 2001

Volume 19, Number 2
Taking on Toxics in Baltimore Harbor
Mapping Contaminants
MEES Students Receive Knauss Fellowships

JanuaryFebruary 2001

Volume 19, Number 1
Oyster Reefs: Key to Restoring Bay Grasses?
More on the Web
Director's Message
New Web Site
Knauss Fellows

SeptemberDecember 2000

Volume 18, Numbers 5–6
The Bottomline on Blue Crabs: Setting Thresholds for the Last Great Fishery
The Fluctuating Blue Crab Fishery
Arriving at a Threshold
Tracking the Blue Crab Baywide
The Role of the Recreational Crabber
Sanctuary in the Lower Bay
Blue Crab Information on the Web

MayAugust 2000

Volume 18, Numbers 3-4
Restoring Bay Grasses to the Chesapeake: A Long Way Back
Where Have All the Grasses Gone?
Understanding Grass Habitat
SAV Information on the Web
From The Director

March–April 2000

Volume 18, Number 2
Dredging the Chesapeake: The Role of Science in a Heated Debate
Science and Human Choices
Kramer Named Sea Grant Director
Knauss Policy Fellows

January–February 2000

Volume 18, Number 1
Menhaden Chanteys: An African American Maritime Legacy
To Hear a Menhaden Chantey
To Learn More About Menhaden Chanteys
Catching Menhaden with a Purse Seine
A History of Menhaden Fishing
Maryland Students Receive Knauss Fellowships

September–December 1999

Volume 17, Numbers 5–6
Baltimore: The City as Ecosystem
More Information about Urban Ecosystems on the Web
Maryland Sea Grant Joins UMCES
Other News Of Note

July–August 1999

Volume 17, Number 4
Oyster Sanctuaries: An Ecological Approach to Restoration
Oyster Gardening in Chesapeake Bay
Oyster Sanctuaries: For Further Reading
Learn More About Oysters
Students Complete Summer Fellowship Program

May–June 1999

Volume 17, Numbers 3
Land Trusts: Partners in Protecting the Chesapeake
Local Land Trusts
Methods for Protecting Land
Chesapeake Bay Program: How Forests Help The Bay

January–April 1999

Volume 17, Numbers 1–2
Bringing the Anacostia Back
Anacostia: River of Contrasts
Anacostia Watershed Restoration Agreement
Environmental Information on the Web

November–December 1998

Volume 16, Number 6
Science and the Bay
Affecting Public Attitudes about the Environment
In Memoriam: L. Eugene Cronin
Maryland Students Receive Knauss Fellowships

September–October 1998

Volume 16, Number 5
Spawning Stripers on Demand: Basic Research — Real World Uses
Domesticating Striped Bass Broodstock
Major University Funding for Pfiesteria Research

July–August 1998

Volume 16, Number 4
Of Words and Water: Literature and the Bay
Selected Bibliography: Chesapeake Bay Literature
Literature and the Role of Words
Sea Nettle Stings
Also see July–August 1994 (Volume 12, Number 5)

May–June 1998

Volume 16, Number 3
Uncommon Blooms: The Nitrogen Factor
Algal Growth: The Role of Metals

March–April 1998

Volume 16, Number 2
Black Men, Blue Waters: African Americans on the Chesapeake
Slavery, Freedom, and the Chesapeake
Buoys Track the Bay

January–February 1998

Volume 16, Number 1
Down on the Fish Farm
Aquaculture and Restoration
UMBI President to Head National Science Foundation
Fowler Receives Bay Award

November–December 1997

Volume 15, Number 6
Seafood Safety in Maryland: So Far, So Good
Handling Seafood Safely
William Hargis Receives Mathias Medal
Two Maryland Students Become Knauss Fellows

September–October 1997

Volume 15, Number 5
Banking on Blue Crabs: A Trial Run for Peelers
Running the Numbers

July–August 1997

Volume 15, Number 4
In Harm's Way? The Threat of Toxic Algae
Dinoflagellates, Protists and Pfiesteria
Harmful Algal Blooms on the Move
Also see March 1993 (Volume 11, Number 2)

May–June 1997

Volume 15, Number 3
Smart Farming for a Cleaner Bay
Preserving Maryland's Open Land
The Rural Legacy Program

March–April 1997

Volume 15, Number 2
Treasure from Trash: Is There Profit in Crab Waste?
Chitin Breakdown: The Bacterial Way
Marine Ornamentals and Aquaculture

January–February 1997

Volume 15, Number 1
A Question of Survival: Helping Oysters Overcome Disease
Formidable Foes
Legisltating to Fight Disease: The Oyster Disease Research Program
Yesterday's Oysters Today

November–December 1996

Volume 14, Number 6
The Trouble with Toxics in the Bay
Why Are Toxics So Difficult?
Toxics Report Highlights
MEES Students Receive Knauss Fellowships

September–October 1996

Volume 14, Number 5
Building Better Predictors of Environmental Stress
From Ecology to Economics
Planting Oysters in the Chesapeake
High School Aquaculture
Mathias Medal Awarded to Outstanding Scientist

July–August 1996

Volume 14, Number 4
Living in Bay Country: The Places We Call Home
Are There Better Ways to Grow?

May–June 1996

Volume 14, Number 3
Blue Crabs: The Biology of Abundance
Counting Crabs
The Summer of '96: Maryland Blue Crab Regulations

March–April 1996

Volume 14, Number 2
An Endless Invasion? Green Crabs, New England Intruders, Move West
To Catch a Bay Scallop

January–February 1996

Volume 14, Number 1
At the Heart of Plentitude: The Bay's Complex Circulatory System
A High Tech Fish

September–October 1995

Volume 13, Numbers 4–5
Multispecies Management in the Chesapeake Bay: A Far Future?
Science and Ethics
Sturgeon: Looking Ahead
A Student of the Chesapeake

Summer 1995

Volume 13, Number 3
The New Oyster Wars: Battling Disease in the Lab and Bay
Can America Save Its Fisheries?
On Another Front: Juvenile Oyster Disease
Bay Commission Asks: Are Blue Crab Stocks Stressed

February–April 1995

Volume 13, Numbers 1–2
Land Use and Water Quality: Connecting Ecology and Economics
A Chronology of Environmental Decisions and Major Studies Related to the Chesapeake Bay

November/December 1994–January 1995

Volume 12, Number 7
Multicosm Research: Linking Basic Science to the Real World
MEES Student Receives Knauss Fellowship
Research, Etc.

September–October 1994

Volume 12, Number 6
The Cost Of Cleanup: Footing The Bill
Environmental Finance
Students Complete NSF-funded Summer Program

July–August 1994

Volume 12, Number 5
Jellyfish: Studying Summer’s Unwelcome Visitors
Neither Jelly nor Fish
Environmental Finance Conference

Also see July–August 1998 (Volume 16, Number 4)
On-Line Database for Bay Issues

May–June 1994

Volume 12, Number 4
Raising Rockfish: The Promise of Aquaculture in Maryland
Aquaculture in the Mid-Atlantic: A 20-Year Perspective
The Regional Economics of Aquaculture

April 1994

Volume 12, Number 3
Desperately Seeking Seafood: Increasing Demand, Declining Resources
Seafood Trade and the Environment: Balancing a Shrinking Resource
Underwater Grasses Increase 85% Since 1984

February–March 1994

Volume 12, Numbers 1–2
The Blue Crab in Winter
The Battle over Blue Crabs: Capping the Last Great Fishery
Changes in Regulations: Recent and Proposed
Managing Striped Bass

March 1993

Volume 11, Number 2
Alien in Our Midst? Phantom Algae Suspected in Bay
Also see July–August 1997 (Volume 15, Number 4)

December 1992–January 1993

Volume 19, Number 10
Vanishing Lands

April 1990

Volume 8, Number 3
Disappearing Shores: The Bay’s Rising Waters

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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