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Headwaters is a publication that provides information and resources for Extension and watershed protection professionals. It is produced by watershed educators from the University of Maryland Extension and Maryland Sea Grant Program. If you have comments, questions, or ideas for Headwaters, contact one of the specialists listed below. (Learn more about the services they offer.)

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Watershed Restoration Specialists


Volume 5, Issue 1 /

In this Issue:
  • Rain Tax Sturm und Drang: Was the Fee Repeal Worth All the Storm and Stress?
  • Build It and They Will Come!
  • The Perfect Storm for Lake Ontario
  • Sustainable is Not Good Enough
  • Slurping Our Way Toward Meeting TMDL Goals
  • Only Rain Down the Drain

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Volume 4, Issue 2 /

In this Issue:
  • Increasing Stormwater Best Management Practice Adoption Rates
  • What is the Trust Fund?
  • Small Stream, Big Impact
  • Is Where You Live or Work Served by a Regulated MS4?
  • Outlander!
  • The Journey of a Thousand Miles

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Volume 4, Issue 1 /

In this Issue:
  • Welcome Kelsey
  • Welcome Alexis
  • Small BMPs can make a BIG difference
  • The Power of Design
  • Small but Mighty
  • How Vulnerable is the Maryland Coastal Bays Program?
  • WSA Eligible for MSDE Credits

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Volume 3, Issue 4 /

In this Issue:
  • Bon voyage to a wonderful friend and colleague
  • Greening with consistency
  • Halfway there. . . midpoint assessment draws near
  • Cost share for homeowner practices? Coming soon to a city near you!
  • Preparing for winter
  • Who's your watershed specialist?

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Volume 3, Issue 3 /

In this Issue:
  • Bay Clarity
  • Fellowship Program Accepting Applications
  • Go native!
  • Recent review spottedon ConfAdvisor
  • Training the Next Generation

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Volume 3, Issue 2 /

In this Issue:
  • Character Stream
  • A Rain Garden Sign for the Four Seasons
  • Outdoor Ethics for Patagonia and Your Local Park
  • Does it need a boarding pass?
  • Building Resilience from the Ground Up
  • The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Pond Maintenance

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Volume 3, Issue 1 /

In this Issue:
  • Snowzilla vs. Clean Water
  • The Stormwater Bachelor Returns
  • SOILS – Nature’s secret weapon to achieve better water quality
  • A Focus on Sea Level Rise and Coastal Inundation

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Volume 2, Issue 4 /

In this Issue:
  • Slowing the Flow at Oregon Ridge
  • Hot on the Streets — the Outreach Program Audit Tool
  • Seeking Tall, Attractive Native Grass to Help with Bay Clean-up
  • Restoring the American Chestnut
  • Risk Perceptions in Vulnerable Communities

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Volume 2, Issue 3 /

In this Issue:
  • The Susquehanna Flats: Epicenter of Research
  • Landlocked: Developing a Study Abroad Course in Ethiopia
  • The River Seldom Seen: Learning about the Lesser-known Choptank
  • Project Based Learning with Chestnuts and Aquaculture: Professional Development for Teachers
  • Adventures in Team Teaching: Educators Enliven the Green Youth Summer Program

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Volume 2, Issue 2 /

In this Issue:
  • 4-H Bay Stewards Build Capital
  • Howard County Students Take Weather to the Extreme
  • Empowering Women Farmers in Afghanistan
  • Stormwater Law and You
  • Cecil County WSA – Off and Running!
  • Southern Maryland Counties Support Watershed Restoration
  • Changes to the Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, or "SB 863"

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