Sewerage Facilities Supplemental Assistance Program


Support Agency:

Maryland Department of the Environment

Program Contact:

MDE Grants and Other Financial Assistance Opportunities

Maryland Department of the Environment
1800 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21230

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December 1 through January 31


The Supplemental Assistance Program provides grants to local governments for planning, design, and construction of needed wastewater facilities. This program helps to fund projects that address public health or water quality problems and where the ability of the local government to pay for the needed improvements is usually limited.

Support Type:

Funding Assistance

Available Funding:

Grants are typically used in conjunction with other State and federal funding sources. This program funds up to 100% of eligible project cost, with participation by the grantee at a level determined to be affordable. The applicant may be offered a combination State grant and State Water Quality Revolving Loan (WQRLF) based on their affordability level.

Restoration Activity:

Planning, design, and construction of needed wastewater facilities


Projects are rated and ranked based on the Integrated Project Priority System (IPPS).  All projects must be eligible under the Clean Water Act, must conform to Smart Growth Criteria, be located in a Priority Funding Area, and be consistent with the County Water and Sewer Plan. Projects are rated and ranked on the following: severity of the existing water quality or public health problem; financial capability of the applicant; cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution; proposed project benefits; readiness to proceed; and previous efforts by applicant to correct the problem.

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