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RainScapes are watershed-friendly ways for property owners to reduce rainfall runoff. The Montgomery County’s RainScapes Manual provides information and guidance to property owners who are interested in protecting the environment.

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RainScapes techniques are typically small-scale measures that can be implemented on residential, institutional, and commercial properties to manage stormwater onsite. The RainScapes manual covers projects like: Planting rain gardens; Replacing turf grass with conservation landscaping; Planting new treecanopy; Replacing existing hard surfaces with permeable pavers; Installing rain barrels, cisterns, dry wells or a green roof to replace an existing roof; Removing pavement

Each section describes a RainScapes technique; how to assess your property; how to design, plan, and implement the technique, cost and maintenance needs; different applications of the RainScapes technique; and additional resources. The site evaluation for each technique is outlined for each section.


Any property owner can use the RainScape Manual.

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection offers rebates to encourage Montgomery County property owners (residential, commercial, and private institutional) to reduce runoff from their properties by using RainScapes techniques for natural drainage projects. To learn more about rebates, visit RainScape Rebates

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