Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)


Support Agency:

Maryland Department of Agriculture

Program Contact:

Maryland State Farm Service Agency

Maryland FSA State Office
339 Busch's Frontage Road, Suite 104
Annapolis, MD 21409

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The federal Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is a voluntary program that compensates landowners who agree to adopt certain conservation practices instead of actively farming their land. Participants establish long-term vegetative covers that reduce soil erosion, improve water quality, and enhance or create wildlife habitat on environmentally sensitive cropland or, in some cases, on marginal pastureland.

Support Type:


Available Funding:

Rental payments not to exceed $50,000/yr. CRP encourages wetland restoration by offering 25% of incurred costs in addition to 50% cost-share provided to establish approved cover.

Funding Range:

Range of funding from ~$50 to $50,000, avg. $4,000.

Restoration Activity:

Streamside buffers, filter strips, grassed waterways, contour grass strips, salt-tolerant vegetation, and shallow water areas for wildlife.


Landowners; land must have been in commodity crops for two out of the last five most recent years.

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