RDTE Facility: Establishing a Moblile Test platform on the Chesapeake Bay as Part of the Marine Resource Center

Principal Investigator:

Mario N. Tamburri

Start/End Year:

2008 - 2011


Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Strategic focus area:

Resilient ecosystem processes and responses


The Maritime Environmental Resource Center (MERC) is a State of Maryland initiative that will be providing test facilities, information, and decision tools to address key environmental issues facing the international maritime industry. The primary focus is to evaluate the mechanical and biological efficacy and costs and logistical aspects of ballast water treatment systems and assess the economic impacts of ballast water regulations and management approaches. We are proposing to enter into a Cooperative Agreement with NOAA Ballast Water Management Demonstration Program to establish the physical MERC RDTE-Facility, a MARAD barge into a test platform. The work/Plan of this proposal will focus on the conversion of a MARAD barge into a test platform that will be able to evaluate system performance under the different physical and biological condition's found throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

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