Genetic rehabilitation and conservation of Chesapeake oysters using disease-resistant oyster strains: a study of their recruitment and introgression potential

Principal Investigator:

Matthew P. Hare

Start/End Year:

2003 - 2007


University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Biology

Co-Principal Investigator:

Mark Luckenbach, Kimberly S. Reece, Ryan Carnegie, Virginia Institute of Marine Science



Several concrete objectives will be met by capitalizing on the ground work achieved with previous Sea Grant funding. The two years of funding requested here will allow (1 ) estimation of recruitment distance distributions around focal reefs planted with disease-tolerant DEBY strain oysters, (2) quantification of rates of interbreeding between DEBY strain oysters and wild background oysters, informing an analysis of introgression of genetic factors contributing to disease tolerance, and (3) quantification of inbreeding in DEBY strain broodstock as well as an analysis of the inbreeding effects of standard hatchery amplification for supplementation.

Related Publications:

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