A Novel Approach to Inducing Sterility in Farmed Fish: Disrupting the Early Establishment of the GnRH System

Principal Investigator:

Yonathan Zohar

Start/End Year:

2003 - 2006


Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute



To develop a simple and generic treatment for inducing sterility in farmed fish, that is based on altering the migration pattern of GnRH neurons during early development using gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). The hybrid striped bass will be the studied model. This goal includes the following objectives: I. Study the early development of the GnRH and GABA systems and of the gonads. II. Study the effect of GABA and agonists on the establishment and expression of the GnRH system. III. Study the effect of GABA and agonists, and of altered GnRH development patterns, on gonadal development, associated endocrine factors and growth rate. IV. Optimize and scale up a GABA-based treatment for the induction of sterility in hybrid striped bass and other farmed species.

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