A Genetic Analysis of Oyster Recruitment Patterns in Chesapeake Bay

Principal Investigator:

Matthew P. Hare

Start/End Year:

2002 - 2004


University of Maryland, College Park

Co-Principal Investigator:

Kennedy T. Paynter, Jr., University of Maryland, College Park



Several concrete objectives will be met by this work. First, spatial variation across Chesapeake Bay will be examined more extensively and with larger samples than previously, using multiple DNA markers that have proven useful in other oyster studies, and using a sampling strategy that supports tests of isolation by distance. Second, we will examine the extent to which recruitment processes create temporal variation by comparing adults and new recruits at each site. This study is preliminary in that it is designed to reveal genetic patterns that can be informative about demographic processes. The uncertainty associated with previous Chesapeake oyster studies, and the recent changes in the population warrants this preliminary approach.

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