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Surface waves and air-sea fluxes in Chesapeake Bay

Principal Investigator: 

Lawrence P. Sanford

Start/End Year: 

1998 to 2000


Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


We propose to examine the coupled problems of fine-scale atmospheric modeling, estimation of air-sea fluxes, and modeling of surface wave fields in Chesapeake Bay, using state-of-the-art numerical procedures. The immediate goals of this study are to improve our understanding of and ability to estimate air-sea fluxes in Chesapeake Bay as they are affected by wind-waves, and to improve surface wave estimates as they are affected by the quality and resolution of wind fields. Ultimately, NOAA/ARL hopes to reduce uncertainties in the atmospheric deposition estimates that it provides as a part of its mission, while our goal at HPL is to move towards a modeling system capable of operational wave forecasts for Chesapeake Bay.