Examining the Ecological Physiology of Oysters on a Reef Habitat: Interactions of Dissolved Oxygen and Disease Dynamics

Principal Investigator:

Kennedy T. Paynter, Jr.

Start/End Year:

1997 - 2000


University of Maryland, College Park



Construct 24 mound oyster shell reefs planted with hatchery-produced spat on or near the Flag Pond oyster bar. Monitor water quality in and around the reef habitats, characterize differences between water qualities at the different depths. Sample oysters to determine relationships between anoxia, P. marinus prevalence and weighted prevalence (intensity), and physiological state of the oysters. Measure the physiological response of oysters to hypoxia in the benthos using real-time water quality measurement and diver sampling during the episode(s). Correlate physiological changes in the oysters with position on the reef habitat, depth, and disease acquisition and progression.

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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