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Stimulation of growth hormone and growth factor gene expression in shellfish: Effects of growth hormone on larval, juvenile, and adult life stages of eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica

Principal Investigator: 

Thomas T. Chen

Start/End Year: 

1992 to 1994


Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute

Co-Principal investigator: 

Kennedy T. Paynter, Jr, University of Maryland, College Park



By applying recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering, our long term objective is to investigate strategies for improving growth rates of finfish and shellfish in aquaculture via manipulating growth hormone (GH) and growth factor genes. Our specific aims for the next two years are to: continue gene transfer studies in carp, catfish and striped bass; identify and clone cDNA of GH and growth factor genes from oysters; determine the levels of expression of these genes during various growth phases; determine culture conditions which can elevate the expression of GH and growth factor genes; study the effect of biosynthetic GH on growth of larvae, juveniles and adults; and transfer GH and growth factor genes into oysters by electroporation.