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Resuspension and transport of sediment-associated toxics in the northern Chesapeake Bay bottom

Principal Investigator: 

Lawrence P. Sanford

Start/End Year: 

1990 to 1993


Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


The objectives of the proposed study are: 1) To investigate the resuspension and transport of fine sediments in the northern Chesapeake Bay, characterizing temporal and spatial variability in resuspension processes 2) To investigate the influence resuspension on the time varying flux of toxics across the sediment-water interface, and to examine how resuspension affects partitioning of toxics between continuously suspended particulates, tidally resuspended particulates, bottom sediments, and dissolution; 3) To relate resuspension and transport of sediment associated toxics to more easily measureable or predictable sediment and physical forcing characteristics.