Large-Scale Marsh Persistence and Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay


LargeSponsored by Maryland Sea Grant.

Date: October 6th, 2o22

Location: University of Maryland Golf Course Clubhouse, 3800 Golf Course Rd, College Park, MD 20742

Workshop participants were invited from a variety of communities including coastal resilience scientists, managers, planners, and funders.


Brief Summary of the Workshop

On October 6, 2022, MDSG and the CBSSC hosted a one-day workshop with marsh resilience and local community experts to discuss ways in which to plan for and collaborate on large-scale* marsh conservation/restoration projects in the Chesapeake Bay. This workshop was not a conference of presentations, rather a collaborative work session driven by a diverse group of experts and interests. Participants specifically focused on answering:

  • What type of tidal marsh projection, acquisition, or restoration will have the greatest impact on the Chesapeake watershed in light of climate change impacts and the need for social equity?
  • How can we design and fund projects to yield the maximum amount of ecological and socioeconomic benefits?
  • Over the next five years, what is our trajectory to implement these "large-scale" projects?

*Large-scale may mean large, significant areas or a cumulative network of smaller, significant sites

The event was free of charge and was held both online and in-person.

This workshop worked in conjunction with other Chesapeake Bay and Mid-Atlantic efforts to improve wetland resilience. We referred to the progress and lessons learned from:

Workshop Presentations and Materials

All participants were provided with a briefing book of materials.

Additional information generated from the workshop will be posted soon. 

Plenary Presentations

State of tidal wetlands in the Chesapeake Bay: Grand challenges and big aspirations
Pamela Mason, Senior Research Scientist, Center for Coastal Resource
Management, Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Large-scale marsh restoration programs-In progress?
Kyle Graham, Senior Program Manager, Ecosystem Investment Partners

Opportunities for landscape-scale conservation impact: Connecting the dots
Holly Bamford, Chief Conservation Officer, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation






For further questions, contact: 

Taryn Sudol
Coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay
Sentinel Site Cooperative
Maryland Sea Grant College Program


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