Maryland Coastal Law and Policy Roundtable


Sponsored by Maryland Sea Grant and the National Sea Grant Law Center (NSGLC).

Date: Monday, December 2, 2019

Place: Admiral Fell Inn, 888 S Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland

Workshop participants were invited from a variety of sectors including nonprofits, local government, academia, and private industry.

A final report from the grant that produced this workshop is available for download

Goals of the Workshop

  • To discuss the rationale for developing a Maryland Sea Grant law and policy education model.
  • To determine mechanisms for a Maryland Sea Grant law and policy education model to identify and address priority coastal and land use issues.
  • To gather suggestions for the structure of a Maryland Sea Grant law and policy education model.
  • To receive guidance on directional focus of the Phase II pilot project for Maryland Sea Grant law and policy efforts.

The workshop included presentations from existing Sea Grant law and policy program managers, roundtable discussions centered around specific priority legal topics, and discussions of commitment to next steps in the development process.  For additional information on the structure of the workshop, please review our agenda.

The Role of the NSGLC

The NSGLC heads the Sea Grant Legal Network, which is comprised of several different legal programs associated with various Sea Grant state programs. In 2018, the NSGLC put out a call for small grant proposals to initiate legal program startup efforts at Sea Grant programs currently lacking legal education capacity. MDSG was awarded one of these grants, which was used to collaborate with the Agriculture Law Education Initiative (ALEI) in funding this workshop and other efforts. 

Workshop Materials

The following materials were distributed to all attendees for background and reference:


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