Enhancing Fish Muscle Growth through Blocking Myostatin Function

Principal Investigator:

Shao-Jun Du

Start/End Year:

2004 - 2006


Center of Marine Biotechnology, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute



The objective of this study is to determine the expression and function of a muscle growth inhibitor named Myostatin in zebrafish. The specific objectives are: 1). To determine the expression of endogenous Myostatin and Myostatin prodomain transgene in fish growing under various conditions, and to determine the optimal condition for enhancing fish muscle growth through inhibition of Myostatin function. 2). To study the mechanism by which Myostatin inhibits muscle growth, and to determine if inhibiting Myostatin function results in increased MyoD expression and myoblast proliferation.

Related Publications:

Tan, XG; Rotllant, J; Li, HQ; DeDeyne, P; Du, SJ. 2006. SmyD1, a histone methyltransferase, is required for myofibril organization and muscle contraction in zebrafish embryos. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America103(8):2713 -2718. doi:10.1073/pnas.0509503103. UM-SG-RS-2006-02.

Du, SJ; Haga, Y. 2004. The zebrafish as a model for studying skeletal development. Baeuerlein, E, ed. Biomineralization Progress in Biology, Molecular Biology and Application. Wiley-VCH.Chapter 17:283 -304. UM-SG-RS-2004-19.

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