Modeling the effects of climate variability on the prevalence and intensity of dermo and MSX diseases in eastern oyster populations (Maryland component)

Principal Investigator:

Stephen Jordan

Start/End Year:

1999 - 2001


Maryland Department of Natural Resources



Year 1 Objectives: 1) Calibrate the individual Dermo and MSX disease models for the entire range of Chesapeake Bay, 2) Undertake analysis of disease, oyster and environmental data sets for use in the host-pathogen models, and 3) Develop and calibrate the combined two pathogen-oyster model for Chesapeake and Delaware Bays Year 2 Objectives: 1) Perform site-specific simulations with the two pathogen-oyster model for selected Virginia, Maryland and Delaware sites, 2) Undertake model refinements and additional calibration and verification as needed, 3) Test model robustness by extension to Long Island Sound, NY and northeastern U.S., and 4) Summarize, report and disseminate information on the two pathogen-oyster model and the results of simulations with this model.

Related Publications:

Elston, RA; Dungan, CF; Meyers, TR; Reece, KS. 2004. Perkiasus sp infection risk for manila clams, Venerupis philippinarum (A. Adams and Reeve, 1850) on the Pacific coast of North and Central America. Journal of Shellfish Research23(1):101 -105. UM-SG-RS-2004-15.

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