Research Publications

Maryland Sea Grant has funded scientific research relevant to the Chesapeake Bay and the Maryland residents who conserve, enjoy, and make their living from it.

The funded projects advance scientific knowledge through the publication of peer-reviewed journal articles. You may search these publications by keyword and year of publication.

Publications prior to 2003 can be accessed through the National Sea Grant Library.

Gurbisz, CW; Kemp, M Unexpected resurgence of a large submersed plant bed in Chesapeake Bay: Analysis of time series data.  Limnology & Oceanography 592 48249410.4319/lo.2014.59.2.0482. UM-SG-RS-2014-03.

Hazelton, ELG; Mozdzer, TJ; Burdick, DM; Kettenring, KM; Whigham, DF Phragmites australis management in the United States: 40 years of methods and outcomes.  AOB Plants 6 11910.1093/aobpla/plu001. UM-SG-RS-2014-10.

Julian, JP; Gardner, RH Land cover effects on runoff patterns in eastern Piedmont (USA) watersheds.  Hydrological Processes 283 1525153810.1002/hyp.9692. UM-SG-RS-2014-26.

Kaushal, SS; Delaney-Newcomb, K; Findlay, SEG; Newcomer, TA; Duan, S; Pennino, MJ; Sivirichi, GM; Sides-Raley, AM; Walbridge, MR; Belt, KT Longitudinal patterns in carbon and nitrogen fluxes and stream metabolism along an urban watershed continuum.  Biogeochemistry 1211 234410.1007/s10533-014-9979-9. UM-SG-RS-2014-14.

Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Vidon, PG; Smith, RM; Pennino, MJ; Newcomer, TA; Duan, S; Welty, C; Belt, KT Land use and climate variability amplify carbon, nutrient, and contaminant pulses: a review with management implications.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association 503 58561410.111/jawr.12204. UM-SG-RS-2014-09.

Kaushal, SS; McDowell, WH; Wollheim, WM Tracking evolution of urban biogeochemical cycles: past, present, and future.  Biogeochemistry 1211 12110.1007/s10533-014-0014-y. UM-SG-RS-2014-13.

Kimmel, DG; Tarnowski, M; Newell, RIE The relationship between interannual climate variability and juvenile eastern oyster abundance at a regional scale in Chesapeake Bay.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 341 11510.1080/02755947.2013.830999. UM-SG-RS-2014-02.

Li, J; Kangas, P; Terlizzi, DE A simple cultivation method for Chesapeake Bay Ulva intestinalis for algal seed stock.  North American Journal of Aquaculture 762 12712910.1080/15222055.2013.869287. UM-SG-RS-2014-17.

Love, DC; Fry, JP; Genello, L; Hill, ES; Frederick, JA; Li, XM; Semmens, K An international survey of aquaponics practitioners.  PLOS ONE 97 10.1371/journal.pone.0102662. UM-SG-RS-2014-18.

Newcomer Johnson, TA; Kaushal, SS; Mayer, PM; Grese, MM Effects of stormwater management and stream restoration on watershed nitrogen retention.  Biogeochemistry 1211 8110610.1007/s10533-014-9999-5. UM-SG-RS-2014-07.

Ogburn, MB; Roberts, PM; Richie, KD; Johnson, EG; Hines, AH Temporal and spatial variation in sperm stores in mature female blue crabs Callinectes sapidus and potential effects on brood production in Chesapeake Bay  Marine Ecology Progress Series 507 24926210.3354/meps10869. UM-SG-RS-2014-25.

Peer, AC; Miller, TJ Climate change, migration phenology, and fisheries management interact with unanticipated consequences.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 341 9411010.1080/02755947.2013.847877. UM-SG-RS-2014-08.

Pennino, MJ; Kaushal, SS; Beaulieu, JJ; Mayer, PM; Arango, CP Effects of urban stream burial on nitrogen uptake and ecosystem metabolism: implications for watershed nitrogen and carbon fluxes.  Biogeochemistry 1211 24726910.1007/s10533-014-9958-1. UM-SG-RS-2014-15.

Scaroni, AE; Ye, SY; Lindau, CW; Nyman, JA Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Soils in Louisiana's Atchafalaya River Basin  Wetlands 343 54555410.1007/s13157-014-0521-6. UM-SG-RS-2014-30.

Sintes, E; del Giorgio, PA Feedbacks between protistan single-cell activity and bacterial physiological structure reinforce the predator/prey link in microbial foodwebs  Frontiers in Microbiology 5 11110.3389/fmicb.2014.00453. UM-SG-RS-2014-27.

Sowers, AA; Brush, GS A Paleoecological History of the Late Precolonial and Postcolonial Mesohaline Chesapeake Bay Food Web  Estuaries and Coasts 376 1506151510.1007/s12237-014-9781-x. UM-SG-RS-2014-28.

Wilcox, CS; Grutzmacher, S; Ramsing, R; Rockler, A; Balch, C; Safi, M; Hanson, J From the field: Empowering women to improve family food security in Afghanistan.  Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 1710.1017/S1742170514000209. UM-SG-RS-2014-21.

Woodward, RT; Tomberlin, D Practical precautionary resource management using robust optimization.  Environmental Management 544 82883910.1007/s00267-014-0348-1. UM-SG-RS-2014-19.

Bi, H; Cook, S; Yu, H; Benfield, MC; Houde, ED Deployment of an imaging system to investigate fine-scale spatial distribution of early life stages of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in Chesapeake Bay.  Journal of Plankton Research 352 27028010.1093/plankt/fbs094. UM-SG-RS-2013-17.

Blois, JL; Zarnetske, PL; Fitzpatrick, MC; Finnegan, S Climate change and the past, present, and future of biotic interactions.  Science 3416145 49950410.1126/science.1237184. UM-SG-RS-2013-09.

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