Automated Crabmeat Picking Technology - Enhancing the Research Outcome through In-lab and In-field Studies

Principal Investigator:

Yang Tao

Start/End Year:

2019 - 2020


University of Maryland, College Park

Co-Principal Investigator:

Dongyi Wang, University of Maryland College Park (UMCP)


Strategic focus area:

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture


Blue Crabs and their meat are an iconic cultural export for the Chesapeake area, and make a huge economic contribution to local fishing industry. Compared to unprocessed crabs, processed crab meat can promote the added value of blue crabs. However, currently, commercial meat is still hand-picked, which is an arduous and dangerous process. The shortage of skilled labor further impedes the healthy development of the crab industry. Targeting to these problems, an undergoing project in the lab is to design an automated crab meat processing machine integrating advanced machine vision and automation techniques to minimize the potential injury risk of human pickers, alleviate the labor force shortage, maximize the market value of blue crabs, and promote the development of crab industry. This research aims to conduct in lab/field experiment for system evaluation function by function, outreach to stakeholders for system developments / improvements, give presentations, onsite or invited demos to enlarge the influence of this technology.

The Blue Crab: Callinectes Sapidus

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pile of cooked crabs