R/E-21 A


SG-MSI Partnership Program: Increasing Research and Educational Opportunities in Marine and Related Sciences for Underrepresented Students at Morgan State University through Partnership with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Principal Investigator:

Anson H. Hines

Start/End Year:

2000 - 2004


Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Co-Principal Investigator:

Peter P. Marra, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center


This project offers unparalleled opportunities to enhance underrepresented groups participation in marine science, environmental science, and related fields. In a strong partnership with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), we are exposing Morgan State University (MSU) undergraduate and graduate students to research and educational opportunities at MSU and SERC and thereby enhancing the participation of underrepresented groups in marine, environmental, and related sciences. Our Maryland Sea Grant supported project is focused on the following objectives: (1) Providing a year-round, but intensive summer period of field and laboratory work in close association with select MSU and SERC scientists/mentors; (2) Involving students in a series of short courses on topics ranging from the scientific method to experimental design to simple statistics and participation in graduate-level discussion groups; (3) Providing a spring/fall biweekly seminar series alternating between MSU and SERC; and, (4) Developing a series of marine and environmental science laboratory modules for infusion into undergraduate and graduate courses at Morgan State University. These modules will be collaboratively developed and offered by teams of MSU and SERC scientist/professors and will build on specific aspects of research questions within the expertise of each of the scientists participating in the program. Further, the program provides opportunities for students to conduct independent research projects, take field trips to affiliated research institutions, and assist with all aspects of select research projects at MSU and SERC on a year-round basis. Program participants will present seminars on their research projects to the MSU and SERC science and academic community and where possible, obtain MSU academic credit for their internships. The most talented and brightest of the program participants will be selected to present their research findings at two regional conferences each year.

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