Science Serving Maryland's Coasts


Measurement and modeling of surface waves in northern Chesapeake Bay

Principal Investigator: 

Lawrence P. Sanford

Start/End Year: 

1995 to 1998


Horn Point Laboratory, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science


To implement the most successful of several recent wind-wave computer models (currently being tested in a limited region of upper Chesapeake Bay) for the entire Bay; to gather a suite of wind and wave observations in northern Chesapeake Bay during different seasons and at different locations, both for the intrinsic value of the wave data and for comparison to and calibration of the model(s); to generate a model data base of general wave climatology and predicted responses to specific events; to develop a graphically oriented data base front end for other interested scientists and managers, in order to allow them to explore the surface wave climate of the northern Bay without having to implement or run the wave model.