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On the Bay

Keryn Gedan lowers the pins to the marsh’s surface. 

SET Up for the Future

Taryn Sudol • July 5, 2018
Phillips Creek Marsh lies on the final seaside stretch of the Delmarva Peninsula in Virginia. It is a swath of wetland grasses with patches of reeds and warped remnants of a boardwalk. Pines fringe the uplands, and a flock of seabirds socialize on a distant mudflat to the southeast. The sky on a Thursday in mid-May was an overcast milky blue.  Read more . . .
Juan Alvarez examines water in Puerto Rico's bays. Photograph courtesy of Juan Alvarez

Did You Know…What’s That Glow?

Rona Kobell • May 4, 2018
Maryland Sea Grant and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science are working with researchers in Puerto Rico to determine what is causing the coastal lagoons to glow.
It’s a fascinating project, and the devastation of Hurricane Maria has made the work all the more challenging.  Read more . . .
Matapeake- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers once kept a physical model of the system at Matapeake. It was shuttered in 1984. Photo credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Landscaping and Modeling Can't Save the Bay, but They Can Help It Along

Alex Lopatka • April 25, 2018
Scientists have long used physical models that simplify the complexities of real environmental systems in order to make informed predictions of future change.  Read more . . .
Curry Woods and Dan Theisen in their lab.

Earning Their Stripers

Rona Kobell • March 13, 2018
Give students a fish, and they can eat for a day.
Give students 10 striped bass, a laboratory with re-circulating water tanks, and a box full of feed, and you can teach them how a planet is increasingly feeding itself.  Read more . . .
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Out and About on the Chesapeake Bay: We're Not in Florida Anymore!

Taryn Sudol • March 5, 2018
I unrolled a map of the Chesapeake Bay, pinned it to the wall, and started pressing blue dots throughout it. It’s a big map and takes up the largest wall space I have in my cubicle at Maryland Sea Grant’s College Park office.   Read more . . .